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Specialized in wellness, health and alternative medicine

Fields of expertise


Staying faithful to the original document while optimizing its impact on the target market.

Quality translation cannot be improvised, and it is crucial a good translator knows to make the necessary adjustments according to the target audience, their culture, their level of knowledge of the subject matter, their expectations upon reading, etc. My experience in marketing translation gives your message an even more convincing twist for maximum impact.


Exciting subjects treated with a special interest and a true dedication to share knowledge and values.

Who better than a qualified translator and fervent advocate of alternative medicine to transcribe your specialized content with precision, accuracy and ease? My experience as a teacher has, moreover, provided me with all the necessary skills to effectively pass on knowledge.


Build an easy, privileged and trusting relationship with a dedicated freelance translator.

Avoid complicated platforms and intermediaries by choosing a freelance translator-a single point of contact, available at every stage of your project: I’m just an e-mail or phone call away!


Rely on a partner who can properly meet your expectations, while respecting your priorities and instructions every step of the way.

As a former translation project manager in a river cruising company, I was in charge of recruiting our translation service providers and exchanging with them on a daily basis: I’ve been in your shoes, I know the challenges, and will be delighted to meet them with the same dedication that I’ve been lucky enough to experience.



Entrust me with your documents in a wide variety of formats and subjects, I’ll translate them from English to French.


Because machine translation cannot replace the human touch, I can edit your documents pre-translated by artificial intelligence to eliminate costly errors and clumsy phrasing!


Maximize the impact of your documents by choosing a combination of translation and adaptation of your content with respect of the target audience.

Proofreading / Editing

I can proofread your documents translated in French to correct errors and inconsistencies, as well as edit and reword your message to ensure a flowing reading experience.


I translate, proofread and edit all types of documents (brochures, books, systematic reviews, articles, theses…) in a variety of formats. Although I favour material related to wellness and alternative medicine, do not hesitate to contact me for other subjects-as a professional translator, I remain my curious self, and you can count on my experience, motivation and thoroughness to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

You won’t have to register on a tricky platform, or create any account: just email me your documents, and I’ll handle them from my little corner of France! I live in Strasbourg, a big enough city that I can get on a plane (or a train!) to meet you personally and discuss your more ambitious projects.

Trusting an independent translator means opting for consistent writing style and word choices as well as a strengthened brand identity throughout your documents.

Each translation project differs in terms of technicality, types of services required, total word count, etc. which is why I strongly encourage you to contact me via the contact form in the section below so you can receive a personalized quote: your project is unique and deserves tailor-made rates.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact me: I’ll be glad to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible!


As a qualified freelance translator, I decided to specialize in the fields of wellness, health and alternative medicine by combining my passion for these subjects with my experience in marketing translation.

After five years of experience as a teacher in France and the United States, I decided to take a new direction and joined the production department of a river cruising company based in Strasbourg. For three years, I managed the company’s translation projects and translated press releases, promotional brochures and cruise programs in parallel with my continuing education in translation. I graduated from Ci3M in December 2019 and now hold a Master’s degree in translation, which I obtained with honours. Passionate about medicine as a whole, it was quite natural for me to choose this broad field of specialization for which I continue to learn independently to this day.


“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence”
George Steiner